Modeling the World Around Us

Michael Round

Center for autoSocratic Excellence

Heart of America Star Party

Spiral Galaxies. Black Holes. The Big Bang. The Orbital Motion of the Moon about the Earth. Einstein. The Aurora Borealis. The Astronomy of Easter. Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion. Calibrating the Calendar.

Many people use the spreadsheet as an accounting tool, inputting data, updating accounts, etc. What else can be done in the spreadsheet?

This brief presentation will look at these astronomical concepts visually in the simple spreadsheet, and in the process of developing the models, not only answer questions, but raise many more.


Some Pictures from Astronomy Picture of the Day



The Universe and Everything Else

Sagan, Hawking,and Clarke

(Advance to 18:45)

The Mandelbrot Set

in a Spreadsheet

A Booklet

on the Mandelbrot Set





(Click to open the spreadsheets - XP & Vista Compatible)


Planetary Motion


Strange Attractors


The Moon and the Earth

The Ellipse

Einstein and Probability


Prime Spirals


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